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Spring/Summer 2013

It may not feel like it to some in the UK but the winter days are drawing to an end and Spring will soon be in the air. This thought led me to the question “What Day Does Spring Start?”. According to the BBC News website there has been some debate over the actual day but Spring does indeed start in March.  At least we can get the month correct – phew!


With the new season comes a time to ditch those winter woollies and opt for lighter layers.  Bababubz find that our customers have more fun with their jewellery at this time of year too. Winter months show demand for chunky, robust statement pieces to finish off festive party outfits or to add a touch of glamour to a chunky sweater. At this time of year our customers begin to opt for more feminine, pretty pieces and experiment more with layering and design.

Flowers, not only start to grow from the ground but our customers also like to add floral jewellery to their Spring/Summer outfits. Bababubz dedicate a section on our website to Floral/Flowers and they are already proving popular for 2013.

Flowers & Floral Collection at www.bababubz.co.uk

Flowers & Floral Collection at http://www.bababubz.co.uk

The upcoming “Wedding Season” may contribute to this but we also believe that when Spring starts women like to regain some of their feminine touches that have been put to one side during the cold winter months. Florals can be worn by all ages and for many occasions which we believe keeps this trend popular year after year.


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It may not be March quite yet but I have a feeling very shortly the streets will be lined with women in their floral/flowers walking with a slight SPRING in their step (pardon the extremely poor joke – could not resist this!)  So come on world shower us with a little sunshine, tease us with a promise of more sunshine, lighter nights, longer days and the chance to ditch those winter tights!

WELCOME (well almost) TO SPRING/SUMMER 2013!



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