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Charm Jewellery – What do the charms symbolise?

Many modern charms each have an inspirational meaning. Charm jewellery make lovely gifts with added meaning to cherish forever.

But what do the charms symbolise?

We have done our best to put together a list of the most common charms and their meanings/symbolic references.

Acorn: This charm symbolises ‘Strength from Tiny Beginnings’.
Ammonite Fossil: The symbolic meaning of the Ammonite charm is ‘Long Life’.
Amethyst: The meaning of ‘Spirituality & Sobriety’ comes from the ancient Greeks.
Angel: A charm for ‘Protection’.
Apple: The Apple charm means ‘Knowledge & Health’. Artist: This charm symoblizes ‘Creativity’.
Ballet shoes: Ballet Shoe charms symbolize ‘Grace’.
Bee Hive: Beehive charm symbolizes ‘Co-operation’. Best friends: This unique charm symbolizes ‘Together Forever’. Bumble Bee: This charm symbolizes ‘a busy bee’.
Bunny: This charm has the meaning of ‘Playful’ Buttercup: Buttercup means ‘Cheerfulness & Radiance.
Butterfly: This charm symbolizes ‘Renewal’. Catterpillar: Meaning Transformation. Cinderella Shoe: Representing ‘Rags To Riches’.
Cross: Meaning ‘Faith’
Champagne Bottle: A classic charm symbolising ‘Celebration’ Chocolate Charm: Created for anyone with a ‘sweet tooth’.
Clam Shell: Represents ‘Fertility’. Cupcake:
Cupcake Charms means ‘sweet nothings’
Daisy: In the Victorian era, each flower had a meaning and Daisies meant ‘Childish Innocence’.
Devil Tail: Perfect for the ‘Mischievous’ among us!
Dice: Lucky ‘Dice’ charm Dragonfly: A symbol of ‘Rebirth’.
Dog: This charm means ‘Loyalty’. Dove: A classic charm to spread the message of ‘Hope & Peace’
Egg: The Egg charm symbolises the ‘Birth of Life’.
Elephant: Meaning ‘Never Forget’.
Fairies: Meaning ‘Forever Young’.
Feather: Represents ‘Freedom’.
Frog Prince: Every girl looks for their ‘Prince Charming’.
Flip Flop: a reminder of our summer holidays ‘Travel & Carefree Days’.
Forget Me Not: Forget-Me-Not charm means ‘Everlasting Memory’.
Four Leaf Clover: A wonderful ‘Luck’ talisman!
Genie Lamp: ‘Rub to Make Three Wishes’
Gardening: Meaning ‘Green Fingers’.
Heart: A perfect charm to start any collection – meaning ‘Love’. Horse Shoe: Symbolizes ‘Catch Good Luck’ and 7 holes are essential for luck.
Hummingbird Charm: A hummingbird charm symbolizes ‘Flirtatious’.
Ivy Leaf: Means ‘Fidelity & Optimism’.
Key: Key charm, meaning ‘Awakening’.
Lily of the Valley: The elegant Lily of the Valley means ‘Return of Happiness’.
Ladybird: Another whimsical charm, this little Ladybird means ‘Luck is on it’s Way’. Mortar Board: Mortar Board charm marks the ‘Achievement’ of graduation.
Monkey Nut: Monkey Nut charm to symbolise ‘Good times’.
Oak Leaf: Oak Leaf charm represents ‘Wisdom and Longevity’.
Palm Tree: Palm Tree charm meaning ‘Sunshine & Holidays’
Peas in a Pod: Means ‘Unity’. A quirky collectable perfect for twins, sisters or inseperable friends!
Pet: This charm represents ‘Companionship’.
Pigs Might Fly: Realise the Impossible’ and is enough to make anyone believe in miracles! Pixie Shoe: The enchanting Pixie Shoe charm means ‘Believe in Magic’.
Poppy: this Poppy charm means ‘Remembrance’.
Princess Crown: Everyone knows a ‘Modern Day Princess’.
Raspberry: Raspberry charm means ‘Precious Times’
Rosette: Rosette charm symbolises ‘Success’.
Sixpence: An enduring keepsafe from your ‘Christmas Pudding’.
Snowdrop: Represents ‘Hope & Purity’.
Star: This Star represents ‘Fame’ and is perfect for any stars in the making!’.
Starfish: Symbolism of ‘Calm Resilience’.
Stirrup: Stirrup charms represent ‘Taming the Wild’! Perfect for an adventurous horse rider!
Strawberry: Strawberry charm means ‘Life’s Sweet Pleasures’. Sweet 16: To celebrate a 16th birthday!
Treble Clef: Treble Clef charm symbolizes ‘harmony’.
Vintage Handbags: ‘Retro Chic’.
Unicorn: Unicorn Horn charm provides ‘Protection from Bad Luck’ with a touch of magic!

Wedding Bell: An adorable commemorative gift for ‘Matrimony’.
Welly: The humble Welly Boot has been a symbol of life in England for generations! ‘Splashing in Puddles’.
Wishbone Charm: Meaning ‘Make a Wish for Love’.
Wishing wand: To help you ‘Make a Wish Come True’.

There are currently luxury brands are out there such as the very beautiful Pandora ranges. With prices tipping over £100 many people buy these as extra special gifts but if you love this look you need not miss out!

Bababubz offer a much less expensive but just as pretty collection of charm jewellery why not take a look?


£5.99 each or 2 for £10


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